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We always talk about how you carry yourself can make you a target - or lessen the chance of being one. This is a very interesting video. They did motion capture on several people - one of whom had been attacked and badly beaten - and asked professional bodyguards and others which of the individuals looked like a target, and why. They then worked with the individual who was picked as the most likely target, to see if they could change his body language.
Run, Hide, Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter: "Can you survive a shooting in a public place?"
A recent Mythbusters episode addresses how close someone can be before you can get a shot off. Notice that even at the farthest distance tested - 24 feet - Adam still doesn't get a shot off until the attacker is at about 8 feet. It doesn't stop Jamie's momentum, Adam still gets knifed. (He also doesn't break the line of the attack.)

When you've recovered the gun from the attacker and have it pointed at him, you won't have nearly this much time to react. This video shows why police officers are told 30 feet - and that distance keeps increasing.
Click on the "Gahhhhhh!!!" link.
(The clip doesn't go into why they started at 24 feet; they determined it by standing back to back and how long it took Adam to draw and fire when he felt Jamie move.)
Threat (not attack) = cooperation
A threat is a threat, but it often gets the assailant what s/he wants.
threatened with a box cutter
and the attacker has been arrested
Hara. Seika tanden. 'nuff said. 10 ways to big hips
Tipped by a dojo member. You're never too old! 98-year-old woman becomes first woman ever to earn judo's highest-degree black belt
Tipped by a dojo member. Asking someone to pull up their pants can result in a severe beating. (!) [ article 1 ]   [ article 2 ]
Take a good look at what's going on here and think about it. Colorado Women Fight Off Robber Armed With Assault Rifle
Two words: Peripheral. Vision.
In January 2011, a woman was taken hostage after a bank robbery in Takoma Park. She kept her wits under extreme pressure, and ran after the robber slipped and let go of her; he was so focused on her that he ran right into the cops. link to video
Don't believe in brachial stuns? Watch this.
From a dojo member: "See if you can recognize any of the throws..."
From a dojo member: "Here is what happens when you get kicked in the face..."
Note: don't get shiny object-ed by thinking about his hands!
Some nice links to older jujitsu films. You can find more if you search for "old jujitsu" on Youtube.
From a dojo member: "Here is a link about weapon concealment. We were talking about this in class a few weeks ago...".