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March 2013
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Saturday, 23 March 2013
Guest blogger coming up!

Stay tuned! We recently had a request from our readership for a post on the advantages or disadvantages of training in jujitsu after having trained in another art. One of our current members has volunteered to take this on (to quote him, "Ooh! Pick me!"), so be on the lookout for his contribution in the near future!

JJDC on 03.23.13 @ 10:47 PM ET   [ link ] [ 0 comments ]

Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Read beyond the article, part 2

In one of our first blog posts - Read beyond the article - we talked about examining reports of attacks, and thinking about them beyond the basic information of "man attacked at ATM". In today's blog post, we'll discuss two videos, one of a woman being attacked in an elevator, and one about a woman who was groped while out jogging.

We've blogged about awareness and projection of self before, in the Strategy: awareness entry, and the Awareness and projection, part 2 one. The first video has points for discussion regarding awareness and projection of self, and also of self defense. (For a more detailed look at projection of self, refer also to this video (which we had linked to in the second Awareness post above).) The second video has points for discussion about self defense.

We'll also be discussing the moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities inherent in defending yourself. Further discussion after the jump.    >>> read more 

JJDC on 03.06.13 @ 11:21 AM ET    [ 0 comments ]

Saturday, 02 March 2013
Master of redirection

Good thing this is all in fun.

Have a look at this video, then come back and we'll talk.
http://www.wimp.com/amazingskills/    >>> read more 

JJDC on 03.02.13 @ 07:58 PM ET    [ 2 comments ]