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Thursday, 23 May 2013
First aid - fractures

The third part of the combat first aid seminar we held for dojo members in July 2010 addressed how to deal with fractures.

Previous installments:
Part 1: introduction, vital areas
Part 2: bleeding

JJDC on 05.23.13 @ 11:07 PM ET   [ link ] [ 0 comments ]

Tuesday, 14 May 2013
First aid - vital areas

This is the first part of the combat first aid seminar held at the dojo in July 2010, and contains the speaker's introduction, and a look at vital areas of the human body.

We previously posted the second part, on controlling bleeding, and will be posting the full seminar bit by bit.

Here's the video on vital areas.

JJDC on 05.14.13 @ 11:54 PM ET   [ link ] [ 0 comments ]

Sunday, 12 May 2013
Brain freeze

Yow! That splitting headache you sometimes get for a bit when you eat something cold? It's because the blood vessels in the roof of your mouth constricted suddenly and referred the pain there via the nerves in your head. Warm it back up, and eat more slowly!

But that's not the kind of brain freeze we want to address today - unless you happen to have an ice cream cone or cold drink handy to give to the bad guy and hope he gets one...    >>> read more 

JJDC on 05.12.13 @ 07:19 PM ET    [ 1 comment ]