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Main blog page » Archives » July 2013 » First aid - call 911!

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07/21/2013: "First aid - call 911!"

"We hate it when people don't call and it's something. We don't mind so much when you call and it's not anything. But when it's something and you don't call, we hate that. Hate that!"

Call 911 - here's why, from somebody who does the job.

Previous installments in the first aid seminar after the jump.

So far in this first aid seminar series, we've covered:

Part 1: introduction, vital areas
Part 2: bleeding
Part 3: fractures
Part 4: pulse, blood pressure
Part 5: CAB (circulation, airway, breathing)
Part 6: CPR
Part 7: impaled objects
Part 8: signs of shock

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