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February 2014
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02/01/2014: "Dude, where's my blog post?!"

Good heavens - it's been two months since we posted? What the heck happened?!

Been a busy fall and winter, is what - what with classes and seminars and holidays and (so far two) polar vortices and the attendant ice and snow, and now we're well into the prep sessions for our next set of black belt candidates... there's been hardly time to take a breath!

In other news, one of our instructors is teaching a 12-session self defense series at the fitness center at work (not on behalf of the dojo), which is being very well received - so much so that at the third meeting, the participants were already asking when it would next be offered. (And typical to such seminars, when the participants mention it to their friends or office mates, they are almost inevitably asked "what would you do if I did this?" - and attacked in a way for which they've already been shown a response. There's a reason we train common attacks first!)

We hope to be back to our semi-regular pontificating in the near future, and also to have some guest bloggers. Stay tuned!

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