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March 2015
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Main blog page » Archives » March 2015 » We do loves us some Legos!

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03/03/2015: "We do loves us some Legos!"

So the six-week (12-class) self defense seminar one of our instructors is teaching at a government facility in the area has had 10 classes so far. Eight were techniques; one a review day; and one missed because of snow (which will be added on at the end) - so nine training days so far. New techniques are shown in each class, after some review of what was done in the previous one.

As was noted when the class was held in May 2014, the defenses and body mechanics that are shown enable students to quickly assimilate the moves and find out what works for them. That's happening again in this class - pretty much all of the students are seeing that a Lego they learned for one attack can be used in another, if they move the "wrong" way or use the less-good hand to block etc. Once they learn how the body mechanics work, they're able to see where else they can use them.

Even better, they're moving without thinking! One gentleman got a little distracted at one point during the most recent class by something the instructor said, and was attacked - and moved and reacted without thinking. Two separate times. (Or was it three?)

And the putting-them-on-the-spot exercises? (Done on two different days so far.) They're doing just fine with those as well. And it's even more fun that they're clamoring to attack each other (safely) and the instructor!

On a side note, the instructor did briefly go over how to fall properly, both during the April-May class last year, and just in this class as well. One of the students in this class was in that class last year (three of the 12 who registered this time were repeats from the previous two classes). She said she'd since slipped/fallen three times - and hadn't landed on her hand/arm/elbow, nor hit her head. Probably the most immediately practical application of what we teach!

Class 10: a different student reported that he'd slipped and fallen (sleet and freezing rain here recently)... and had slapped out! Since there was ice/snow/refrozen melt, he cut the palm of his hand some, but that was the extent of the damage. Whew! And yay!

Oh - and the word "fun" has been used several times, by various people, and there's a general consensus that they don't want the class to end...

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