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09/11/2012: "Reaction vs. action"

We train with several different models of red guns, but periodically use small nerf guns to enable the students to see that action is faster than reaction - and to make sure that they are getting out of the way in time. The "attacker" pulls the trigger when he sees the "victim" react.

This was fired at point-blank range.

The mat is 33 feet wide, and the trusses are close to 15 feet above the floor. The rollup door was open at the time this happened, so the projectile sailed across the mat and up and over the door, to where it still resides at present. It's three or four inches long.

This is how badly you can miss from point-blank range, due to the defender reacting, nerves, timing, and other factors. We don't count on that, but it can happen.

long-distance view of nerf projectile up in the rafters

close-up view of nerf projectile in rafters

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